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King’s Day in Amsterdam 2020

king's day amsterdam canal

During King’s Day, Amsterdam traditionally becomes a sea of orange. This year, our capital city will once again have a lot to offer. Festivities can be found in the squares and streets, but also along the canals and in the parks. King’s Day is a crowded day in our car park. Coming to Amsterdam by car? Make sure that you’ll be on time!

Why we celebrate King’s Day

We have celebrated King’s Day in the Netherlands since 2014. In the past, this day was known as Princess’s Day and the Queen’s Birthday. On King’s Day we celebrate the birthday of the Dutch monarch, King Willem-Alexander. On this national holiday, most of the Dutch people have a day off, and parties and activities are organised in various cities. King’s Day is celebrated on 27 April every year, except when this day is on a Sunday. When that’s the case, we celebrate King’s Day a day earlier.

Parties and activities during King’s Day Amsterdam

The annual street market during King’s Day is a proper attraction for residents, visitors and tourists. The street market is held in the Vondelpark and is open to all ages. Anyone can rent a stall or lay down a blanket to sell new or second-hand products. The street market is a popular activity, and a real must if you don’t like festivals or if you’re spending the day with (young) children.

Or do you enjoy a good party and feel like letting your hair down? Amsterdam has plenty to offer. Every year there are dozens of festivals featuring performances of various artists and musical styles. Wondering what you can do in Amsterdam this year? Click here to find out.

King’s Night in Amsterdam

The night before King’s Day, a lot of Dutch people celebrate King’s Night as well. This night is very popular for bar crawls and various parties.

Parking in Amsterdam on King’s Day

Arriving by car? Park affordably and near the best parties and festivals. Parking Centrum Oosterdok can be found within walking distance of nearly all destinations in the city’s centre. You won’t find a cheaper parking space than Parking Centrum Oosterdok anywhere in Amsterdam’s centre. When you park for more than six but fewer than 24 hours, you’ll pay just €25. Do you want to find out more about our rates? Click here.