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Visit Begijnhof Amsterdam

begijnhof Amsterdam

Visiting Amsterdam for the day? Make sure to visit the Begijnhof. Compared to the otherwise hustling and bustling centre of Amsterdam, peace and tranquility are the order of the day in this courtyard. Visit the beautiful church, chapel and old houses, and enjoy the serenity this square offers. When visiting Amsterdam by car, you can inexpensively park at Parking Centrum Oosterdok, the cheapest parking facility in Amsterdam’s centre.


Begijnhof is an island of tranquility that’s easy to miss, because this courtyard’s entrance on the Spui is practically hidden. The courtyard was built by the beguines in the Middle Ages, and was part of the city centre even at that time. Despite the large number of tourists visiting Amsterdam, the Begijnhof keeps a strict watch on the tranquility of the courtyard, which is full of sights to enjoy. Houses typical of Amsterdam can be seen here, with authentic 18th and 19th century façades. The church is worth a visit as well.

To learn more about the Begijnhof, visit the official website.


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