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Explore Amsterdam by tuk-tuk

amsterdam by tuktuk

Explore Amsterdam by tuk-tuk

Do you want to see all of Amsterdam’s sights from a different perspective? See the city from a tuk-tuk! TukTuk Tours in Amsterdam offers various trips for all ages. Coming to Amsterdam by car? Park centrally at Parking Centrum Oosterdok before boarding your tuk-tuk.


Want to see the best Amsterdam has to offer but don’t feel like walking through the city for hours? A tuk-tuk is the best solution! Up to six people can use one tuk-tuk, and a guide drives the environmentally friendly, electric tuk-tuks through narrow streets and along the canals of Amsterdam. You’ll visit places trams and buses can’t reach.

The TukTuk City Tour visits all of Amsterdam’s well-known hotspots, like the Jordaan, the Nine Little Streets (or Negen Straatjes in Dutch), the Old Church and Museumplein. Your guide will tell you about the city’s history and the places you’re visiting. TukTuk Tours’ guides speak multiple languages, including English. The tour lasts between one and two hours. Are you staying in a hotel? Your tuk-tuk will pick you up and drop you off. Make sure to check the website of TukTuk Tours Amsterdam for availability.

Visit TukTuk Tours Amsterdam’s official website to learn more about the tours.


You can also use TukTuk Tours for a large group of people. There are two options: a classic tour of the city with a maximum of eight tuk-tuks in a procession, or the ‘ride and win.’ This tour is suitable for more adventurous groups. You personally drive your tuk-tuk through the wonderful natural landscape of Waterland. Both tuk-tuk tours come with various assignments so you can score points. The team (or tuk-tuk) with the most points, wins.


Planned a tour but first have to drive to Amsterdam? TukTuk Tours is located on the Piet Heinkade. Park your car safely and cheaply at Parking Centrum Oosterdok. Our parking is located next to Amsterdam Central train station and offers more than 1,300 parking spaces and 24-hour supervision per day.

Park for the entire day and pay a fixed rate of just €20. Park for less than five hours and pay €1 for every 12 minutes. Calculate your price in advance with our online calculator.

More information about our inexpensive parking rates can be found here.